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Our team members are like a family with trust in each other's ability to accomplish any projects.

Geon Stephenson

CEO / Founder

Goal to find solutions that helps and aid everyone towards a better future.

John Foster

CFO / Co-Founder

Graphic Designer and project manager

Bethany Craw- Garcia

CFO / Co-Founder / Marketing

Marketing and web specialist...

Keron Campbell

Creative Director

When I first began working I did nothing but warehouse jobs, Some so hard that I had to learn extra skills just to move furniture or equipment around on the warehouse floor. While I began in the warehouse my skills never stopped there, I then began finding myself doing other jobs and learning different trades such as security, call center customer service, driving water trucks, and Information technology. But while doing these jobs I was attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for my Bachelors in Computer Animation. What I've learned from those past employment experiences was that no matter what life throws at you, you MUST adapt to your environment, and that ethic has followed me till this day. I have learned to wear multiple hats in the working environment and developed a good understanding of what is needed to get the job done. I have been a designer, a team leader, a team player, and had to interact with customers as well. I am well versed in Digital Graphics, Pre-Press Graphics, Print, Digital Pressman, Brand awareness, Customer service, Project management, and I posses a basic photography skill set. My work ethics have been proven to be exceptional, and I'm ALWAYS willing to learn new things, I have the references to prove it. Give me a try I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.

Chad Stephenson

Software Director

Software, Apps and Video Game engineer specialist...

Frank Ortiz

Sales Representative

Director of Sales specialist as a well known warranty salesman Frank Ortiz dominate the industry with never taking no for an answer attitude,