Fathers M.I.A. is a non-profit organization that helps fathers connect with their children and families. The organization was founded in 2016 by Gerald Hawkins Sr. and Robert L. Jackson III. Fathers M.I.A. provides resources and support for fathers who want to be more active and involved in their children’s lives.

Fathers M.I.A. purpose is to become the bridge that will facilitate the reconciliation between Fathers, Children, and Families.  The Founders believe the Father is the foundation of the home, and if the foundation is broken, then the building is condemned.   Too many of our children and families are functioning in a condemned state.  Thus, the Purpose and Passion for Fathers M.I.A. is to move Fathers from Missing in Action to Motivated Involved & Active.

The foundation’s goals are to give fathers and their children a fighting chance, and opportunities that positively change their lives, their thinking, their values, and their understanding through this foundation. Providing a program to assist in the development of Fatherhood, and provide a mentoring program for the fatherless. Gernald Hawkins is the founder of Fathers M.I.A., a non-profit organization dedicated to the bridging of fathers, children, and families.

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